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in the fukushima plant 120 miles northeast of here. they are using helicopters to dump huge buckets full of water on the cooling pond of the reactor. pots of two other reactors are boiling at this time. the chairman warned there is no water left in the spent fuel of plant number four resulting in what is extremely high radiation levels. the japanese government nevertheless have no plan to expand the 12 mile exclusion zone. the u.s. ambassador to japan said the situation is deteriorating and warned citizens to leave the area or remain indoors. the state department said the u.s. government has chartered aircraft to help americans leave japan. we are also understand that any american citizen that has no money they can get a flight out from hanita airport and that allows them to get out of the country and they can pay back the u.s. government earlier. a lot of concern amongst the japanese people of what is going on. there is fingerprintic buying of goods. but at this time the sensor and what people are watching is over the next 48 hours of what will happen to the nuclear plant north of here. >> brian
traffic control procedures. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood calling for at least two air traffic controllers now to man overnight shifts. this after a controller at d.c.'s reagan national airport reportedly fell asleep and two planes couldn't get in touch with the tower after mid night just trying to land. both had to go in for a landing on their own. toes your headlines. >> five hour energy ran out and two planes had to do their own thing. >> i'm sure nothing's down there on the runway. let's cross our fingers. let's talk a little bit about what's going on right now. in libya, new video just in, one of qaddafi's bases reportedly destroyed by u.s. coalition air strikes. look at these pictures, showing a flaming wreckage overnight and qaddafi's compound in tripoli also reportedly targeted again and was struck. the commander of britain's royal air force says libya's air force no longer exists. >> so now that we also have an exclusive story that came to us, i think james rosen and jennifer griffin working on this together. essentially, there might be some break as we try to find o
in mlyangi. >> stock tock closed down over there six percent. >> u.s. naval forces are moving away from japan over fears of troops exposed to dangerous radiation particularly on the uss regan. >> rescue relief remains top priority but thousands of people are evacuated near the fukushima nuclear plant. if you look at it. second hydrogen explosion to rock the plant and the massive cloud of smoke is carrying radioactive conitalination and that is a concern for the u.s. naval ship providing humanitarian assistance. that affects uss ronald reagan a hundred miles from the plant. they detected low levels of radiation and prompted the ship to move further out to sea. in fact, the commander of the fleet. vice admiral, reveals that the ships are being temporarily repositioned and aircraft away from the fukushima dutch nuclear plant. it goes on to report that sensative units were conducted. 17 crew members were exposed to low level activity in the mission and the radio activity was removed from the affected crew by washing with soap and water and no further contamination was detected so far. >> so what
and joining us. nice to see you guys again. >> it's been 24 hours. >> we got a lot to talk about and look at the dueling headlines today on the tabloids in new york city. one is no go on mo. qaddafi not a target. and qaddafi dead duck, allied bombs hit close to home. 165 feet from one of his tents. >> that's fascinating because there is a mixed message actually that we'll be talking about all morning about whether or not he actually is the target. leaders are saying different things. >> right. so let's go out to molly and review where we're at in day two of the libya no-fly zone, do anything we can to stop them from flying kind of war sort of. you're in washington with latest. what is the latest? >> good morning, brian, steve and alisyn. no word this morning in the libyan leader was at home at the time but a senior coalition official tells fox that british submarines filed two missiles at muammar qaddafi's compound in tripoli because it had military significance. it knocked down half of the round three story building considered to be qaddafi's presidential compound. still, both the brits
hit by this, you know, is kind of in lockdown mode so to speak. since this hit us and i happened to be home at 3:00 in the afternoon, it's a friday here so i came home early and i haven't been out of the house now so the whole thing is when this happens, they teach you and train you not to go outdoors. stay where you are. or if you're in an open space, go outdoors. i'm in a neighborhood now and i contemplated that, went outside but there's all kinds of wires and telephone poles and it's just -- >> aftershocks. >> it's really tough to make decisions when it happens. >> tom byer, amazing to get your firsthand perspective in japan live for us this morning. continue to check in with you. thank you very much for your perspective. 4.5 magnitude earthquake already struck hawaii now as a result and residents bracing for a tsunami after the major earthquake in japan. a tsunami warning has been issued for much of the u.s. west coast. the first wave is expected to hit there at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. that time has shifted. anita vogel is live for us in los angeles with the latest on that.
, folks. thank you very much for joining us. dana perino, great to have you today. >> good to be here. good to be back. fast breaking news, nobody better to sit in the middle and give instant commentary. communication from the white house key right now, we're getting so many different signals. >> that's right. at this hour, libya's third largest city is under siege. we are getting reports the conditions there are becoming dire. this as qaddafi speaks in public for the first time in days promising victory. steve harrigan has been covering this story since it broke and has the latest from tripoli. steve? >> after almost one week of making statements just by telephone, muammar qaddafi is back in front of his people saying he is here to stay and libya will continue to fight and eventually, libya will win the fight. also, fest snag in the no-fly zone. a u.s. jet fighter, f-15 crashed due to technical reasons just outside of the rebel stronghold of benghazi. it crashed in the feel. both crew members able to eject. both crew members safely out of the country. right now, qaddafi forces are d
can you pass an american citizenship test? >> who is current u.s. vice president? >> current u.s. vice president, isn't it condaleeza rice? >> oh, boy. is that right or wrong? i'll keep it going. we'll find out what people know and don't know about our own government. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> all right. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. muammar qaddafi is fighting back this morning. qaddafi's forces are striking back in libya. they're pounding rebel held towns with heavy shelling. residents in the town say there are casualties including four children and this comes as the coalition tries to extend the no-fly zone to tripoli. fox's steve harrigan has more from libya's capital. >> a third night of attacks here in the libyan capital. several loud explosions off about one mile from where i'm standing near the direction of colonel qaddafi's compound which has been targeted as a command and control center for the regime. those explosions followed up immediately by anti-aircraft fire here from several points around that compound, those red tracer bul
one of us in the state, because you need a quorum because when you deal with financial bills, you have to have a quorum. you need one of us. they said let's take the money stuff out of it and they did, they did and it passed. >> after three weeks of waiting, time was up. i think it will be interesting to find out exactly what was going on behind the scenes because yesterday, we release e-mails to you that was the negotiation between the governor, governor walker and the senate democrats who were hiding out in illinois. it looked like the governor was making concessions to the other side. they were saying here's what we want. republicans realized this may go on for two or four months. they decided they had to do something now. here's where they were and why it led to the decision they made yesterday. >> we heard privately some of these democratic senators wish they were in wisconsin but the government unions have been holding them basically hostage in illinois and so they're probably going to be very upset but they had to know this day was coming. we could have done it all along. >> yea
for joining us on friday morning. japan now classifies the incident in the fukushima power plant as a level 5. it could have have consequences and cause deaths. this as the death tollrises to 6500 confirmed dead and more than 10,000 people missing. smoke seen rising from unit two. it could be from an explosion in the earlier part of the week. workers are trying to restore power so they can cool the reactors and they are doing that today. radiation from the plant is expected to hit the west coast of the united states with lemps that are expected to be minimal. gm is suspending operations in the plant in indiana because of shortage of car parts coming from japan. >> brian: so much coming, the yap jap asked the u.s. for help in getting the nuclear power plant under control as designed by general electric. david piper has the latest on that part of the story, david? >>reporter: yes, good morning. there is a massive military effort to help the japanese people. over50,000 members of the military are involved in this operationn. in the kyoto air base where i am standing now. supplis and help pushing
will reportedly resign today. joining us now from washington, d.c. with the breaking details, kelly wright. good morning, kelly. >> good morning to you. it's just as you said, we're hearing that news as well and just last night, it's worth noting that we heard president obama state that history is on the move in the middle east and that young people are leading the way and on the heels of that speech about libya comes word that syria now which has been embroiled in its own upheaval may see its government on the president's cabinet level there resign as of today. that's the syrian government cabinet. the report coming from various news agencies throughout the french -- france and other areas, the report say the new cabinet will be named within 24 hours according to a high ranking official in damascus and an official speaking on condition of anonymity says the government will tender its resignation today and a new cabinet should be formed within 24 hours. may recall the protesters in syria have been risking their lives in a deadly dissent against their government since mid march putting the presid
, run, joe, run. >> or a rock band like metallica, we have the lead singer, he's going to be joining us live. >> wow! >> from san francisco to talk about fathers and he's got a great story and a brand new documentary out as well. >> laura ingraham will join us. >> from ac/dc. >> what? and michael strahan will be here. he's got a lot on his plate right now with the nfl lockout and a bunch of other stuff. >> he might be the new regis. let's be honest and they're basically clones. michelle bachmann will be here. she's going to be running for president it seems and she's also embroiled in what's going to be a so-called attack on the tea party by the democrats trying to create a schism between republicans and the tea party. we'll expand on that. >> and finally, as you can see, screen right, susan lucci will be on our program today. she's got a lot to talk about as well. there are some rumors, "all my children" could be on the chopping block. >> i don't see how. it is a brilliant -- >> gone crazy! >> i know about pine valley. in the meantime, we begin with the latest on the situation in lib
a thing. >> now that senator miller is misleading the public just like he misled us. that's why this letter is absolutely ridiculous because time and time again, we have met. the very person who wrote this letter to myself and senator fitzgerald, mark miller is the person standing in the way of that progress. >> well, now to florida where more than 40 demonstrations are planned. opponents and supporters of governor rick scott's tax and budget cuts plan to rally on this, the opening day of the legislature. wildfires have destroyed 15 homes and scorched three square miles. 50-mile-per-hour winds fueling those fires and force evacuations all across silver city. they're not saying how long the threat will remain, only saying the fire is not yet contained. charlie sheen and his ex brooke mueller calling off the courtroom showdown yesterday and it's going to happen today or maybe not. they are postponing the custody hearing. mueller has temporary custody. as for sheen, take a look. after he was officially fired by warner brothers, sheen waved a machete from the roof of a building in
had help from the u.s. military. radiation leveled have sored around the complex. japanese authorities told people to seal doors and winnows and stay in home and avoid going out at all. japanese prime minister said radiation is released from the three reactors from the nuclear plant and a high risk of more radiation coming out. reactors are over heat raising the risk. japan has imposed a no fly zone over the plant. high levels of radiation in tokyo and now reportedly dropping. but just outside of tokyo there are above the normal level by 10 times. back to you in the studio. >> martha: thank you for much. david piper reporting there. >> brian: it has raised levels outside in the province. that is the kyoto news reporting that as we started the show. >> steve: some spots the radiation is 400 times higher than what a person should be exposed to in a year. the pictures are heart breaking. we'll look at the reactors that have gone hay wire. reactor one an explosion on saturday . reactor two, an exposure . reactor two yesterday. 90 percent of the core uncovered . the reactor caught fire toda
of a nuclear physicists chain reaction. they are looking for more u.s. military help to contain the fires. prime minister naoto kan urged people 20 mile raduous of the plant to at a indoors. we are on the outskirts of japan and there is a massive military relief on the way to help the survivors. >> brian: you can see david piper doings a great job. it was snowing last night. some people say 13 inches of snow. if you are in the region and running out of food and water and the word is stay in your house and seal the windows. who will feed you and get you supplies. you have to wonder if people cannot get back in there and is it time to put sand bag and concrete to entomb. >> steve: if these are the local headlines. japanese nuke cloud . panic would you want to leave your house? >> brian: you might want to get out of the country which a lot of people are doing. >> martha: hunker down and block off your house and there is such fuel water and power short annuals and everything is out in the houses make a tough place to stay . every day we are bringing you shocking photos really that bring owl o
involved in that opposition and then we arm them. that can backfire on us and backfire on the world. >> someone has to fight and the bottom line is the rebels have had two horrible days. they're blown out of three cities and one of the statements was, one of the statements was we cannot -- qaddafi has a lot more than we thought he had and rumors that 3,200 heavily armed presidential guards from chad have reported for duty. come into the country and started killing some rebels. >> that's the kind of stuff that maybe the most powerful nation in the world might have known before we started to get involved in this mission. that's what the american people are asking this morning because take a look at this poll. do you have concern over a long war in libya? 40% of the american public said very concerned. 34%, somewhat concerned. so that's 74% of the american public has concern about this. that's what i call a majority. >> well, here's what happened. and they have been trying to explain why we don't know much. this is why the president -- it's kind of curious that the president apparentl
that big storm system that moved through the east is gone. could be a nice quiet day. we could use that. >> just wish winter would go bye-bye, too. we have a couple more weeks of that. let's start with headlines this morning. we have the very latest for you on the opposition forces reportedly fighting back a counterattack from muammar qaddafi's troops as they try to retake a city near tripoli. the u.s. moving naval forces closer to the country in case civil war breaks out and the european union slapping an embargo on the country. no-fly zone is still on the table. that's not keeping from laughing at calls -- at qaddafi at laughing at calls for him to resign. he spoke to abc news. >> the leaders of britain and other leaders are calling on you to step down, to leave libya, to leave your position of power. will you do that? >> [laughing] who would leave his homeland? why do i leave my homeland? >> is that a "saturday night live" skit? it's a joke, i know. >> it looked like one. >> qaddafi denied he's firing on his own people, that's no joke and blames the violence on al-qaida. the wors
some leadership and the president use his bully pulpit. the president must have heard. i'll praise it, i'll pass it. the senate passed after an overwhelming vote in the house to cut $4 billion, almost unprecedented in modern politics. as they do that, the president said i'm not going to waste any time. come to my house. john boehner says wait a second, i'm going to tell greta something different. let's listen. >> i think the vice president would better spend his time if he sat down with harry reid and nancy pelosi and come up with a democrat position. like i said before, it's hard to sit down and negotiate. we've done our work. i know where we are. they know where we are. but we don't know what their position is. but he doesn't -- it would be a far better use of his time. >> he's exactly right. so according to the democrats, at 3:00 this afternoon in a room in the senate somewhere, they're going to have this meeting with joe biden, bill bailey, the chief of staff and jack lu, exactly right. here's the problem, though, the republicans say nothing is scheduledment we don't have anything
. people are using boats instead of their cars to get around. a powerful off-shore earthquake rattles japan causing buildings and bridges to sway. this video shows the exact moment. 7.2 magnitude quake hits the city. it's 250 miles north of tokyo. there are no reports of injuries or any serious damage. president obama's top national security advisors are meeting today to consider plans to get libyan leader mow mouammar qaddo step down finally. hillary clinton and leon panetta will be at the meeting. the president is not expected to attend. qaddafi was on television overnight saying the west is only after his country's oil and says the libyans tried to oust him while they're being drugged by al-qaida. the crew of space shuttle discovery woke up to gwyneth paltrow this morning? >> there she is. >> she was singing the oscar nominated song "coming home" for the film "country song." the cargo bay doors will be closed shortly after 8:00 with the re-entry burn scheduled for 10:52 this morning. shuttle scheduled to land at kennedy space center in cape canaveral at 11:57 a.m. i like how that red ar
. medical care, inpatient and outpatient stuff would continue, would not be shut down. the u.s. postal service apparently would continue to operate on some sort of a schedule and the u.s. mint would continue to strike points. >> goodie too shoes, we continue to waste money instead of cutting down on spending. other things that wouldn't shut down, federal prison guards, air traffic controllers would be on the job and anything to do with national security would still be on the job. >> all right. let's talk a little bit about scott walker. he, of course, is the governor of wisconsin. we'll tell you how he was on the job yesterday. let's do it right now. yesterday, he presented his $52.2 billion budget to the people in wisconsin and he's in a tough spot because right now, wisconsin has a $3.5 billion budget hole so what he's proposing is he's going to reduce the amount of money he sends to local governments plus he's going to reduce the amount of money they send to school districts but at the same time that he makes the cuts in education, statewide he's going to increase voucher programs.
used the word confusion at least half a dozen times. listen. >> first thing you have to do is recognize as i talk about in my book, the mission has to determine the coalition. the coalition ought not determine the mission. if you go into something with confusion and ambiguity about what the mission is and we've heard four or five different explanations about why we're there, and that is the root of the problem. it's the confusion that comes from that. confusion about what the mission is. confusion about who the rebels are. confusion about whether or not qaddafi should be left in power. confusion about what the command and control should be. >> so the president's got to do something about the confusion. he's got to end it. >> yeah, but i don't think he'll be able to. i mean, even yesterday, his own secretary of defense and own secretary of state were not able to do that. here's the headline for me. we might be in this thing for months and here with the question -- >> or longer. >> here was the question asked to secretary gates. how long will we be there? he says, i don't t
. he disappeared in iran four years ago but now u.s. officials have proof that retired f.b.i. agent robert levinson is alive. he reportedly is being held somewhere in southwest asia and efforts are under way to free him. iran has repeatedly denied knowing anything about the case. the 62-year-old father of seven went to iran to investigate cigarette smuggling. half-hour ago, nasa launched a rocket. its name is glory. but houston, there may be a problem! the rocket carrying a satellite to observe the earth lifted off from vandenberg air force base in california. the rocket went up but didn't separate. nasa expected to update the situation a few hours from now. harvard university and the navy signed an agreement this afternoon that will allow rotc back on campus for the first time since the vietnam war. right now, harvard students participating in the reserve officers training corps go next door to mit, the university says it will welcome the rotc program back now that congress voted to end the "don't ask, don't tell" policy in the military. there's always a hook, right? those are your
i know nothing about this. i know this. here's our guest list. dana perino will be joining us. peter king at the heart of a controversial beginning to his hearings this week about muslim radicalization within our own country. >> remember the movie erin brocavich. she's written some books in the past and now she's trying her hand at fiction. >> cesar milan knows your animal, your dog, your pet is trying to talk to you. he will tell you what he or she is trying to say. >> did you hear that barking? it sounds like lassie was trying to say timmy is down the well again. >> have we stopped with wells? >> this is a good time to go to headlines, i think. new video this morning of libyan leader muammar el-qaddafi making a brief appearance yet again on libya state tv waving to supporters in tripoli. he's claiming victories on libya's coast today. they say the regrouping after losing ground and getting pounded by qaddafi's troops with tanks, helicopters and fighter planes as they tried to advance towards the capital. wild weather hitting the northeast hard. overnight, a bus crashed near scrant
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22